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Organisations to check out

​Skoll Foundation: for all things entrepreneurial and social purpose-driven.

ServiceSpace: an inspiring community that is driven by acts of kindness and the power of service as a way of redefining who we are and how we engage with each other and the world

Sacred Capital: very bright folks redefining what the new economy can look like.

Things to read

I'm currently reading: Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming Edited by Paul Hawken.

Things to watch & listen to

I'm currently watching Rotten, a docuseries by NETFLIX that looks at one commodity at a time and exposes the corruption and complexity of our agricultural systems. Though depressing at times, it's also making me think of the solutions! 

If you've not been tuning in already, Awake at Night is the podcast from UNHCR. Each episode shares the experiences of those on the ground in conflict-riddled nations, doing their best to help​. Heartbreaking often, it also gives you hope that there are people out there who care deeply that we don't lose our humanity.

Things to (re)tweet

20 Jun 2017

Myanmar is a country experiencing change. Emerging from decades of authoritarian rule and economic isolation, it’s turning into a must-see destination that promises unspoilt landscapes and a rich cultural heritage. Tourism can be both a blessing and a curse. Employment creation and economic growth are counter-ba...

2 May 2017

Friday’s annual India Business Forum hosted by London Business School was called India: Beacon of Growth and this year explored learnings from established companies like Symphony Ltd. selling water cooling devices, disruptive brands such as ZoomCar which is changing the way that Indians are driving in major citi...

31 Mar 2017

When it comes to big corporates the traditional image of supply chains from developing countries for ingredients, materials and natural resources is not great. Whatever the sector, the image of low pay, bad working conditions and exploitation taint the private sector. Keeping costs down has usually been the prio...

17 Nov 2016

Organised by the Saïd Business School, Oxford, Emerge is, “the gathering for people who are committed to redefining the world in which we live”. Though predominantly attended by keen students all wanting to make their mark, there was definitely much to learn and experience for those of us who’ve worked in the ne...

25 Sep 2016

There are conferences and events that you go to where you end up glazing over slightly and begin to fantasise about cups of tea. FutureFest isn’t one of those. 

This year’s themes covered Work, Play, Love and Thrive. From debates on Women in the Workplace, ideas on applying design theory to life planning, hyper-e...

2 Jun 2016

Drawing on the experience from the Skoll Foundation, Getting Beyond Better examines the successes and challenges that social entrepreneurs have faced and sheds light on the different characteristics that enables them to make lasting change. The four paths to transformation it identifies are: 

  1. Understanding th...

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