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Things we've done.

We live in a time when organisations need to be challenged to do better; NGOs supported in adopting sustainable operating models, investors encouraged to be creative in problem solving and entrepreneurs inspired by creating businesses that will inspire, engage and most importantly, last. 

Details: An iconic brand that lives and breaths it values, innocent dtinks is planning for the future. As it develops its future-looking sustainability strategy, it wanted to sense-check and gain the insights of experts for its agricultural strategic pillar.  

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Advising on the pre-read, content and design of an expert panel agricultural strategy day.

  • Delivery and facilitation the day providing a space that enabled the experts to share their knowledge whilst enabling the innocent team to be challenged and inspired. 

  • Developing the recommendations for what comes next for the business. 

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Details: Dedicated to mobilising the next generation of changemakers, Force of Nature is an organisation that inspires, encourages and empowers young people to act and create a positive impact in the world in response to the environmental crisis that we face. 

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:


  • Designing & facilitating a strategy ideaetion workshop to critique and unpick the organisation's objectives; vision; impact and success measures.

  • Advising on the strategic direction and business model for the organisation.

  • Continued strategic support and counsel. 

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We've had the privilege of working with incredible people who are all committed to good things like purpose, impact, strategic and systemic change, sustainable growth and development. Here's a snapshot of some of the great organisations that we've worked with as us, and also in partnership with others.

Details: As the pressure on those that produce single-use plastics grows, the industry body responsible for wetwipes wanted to ensure that the messaging to stakeholders on waste and disposal was clear.  

Deep & Meaningful supported the Ketchum team by:

  • Facilitating discussions with Edana and key corporate members to understand the complexities of the industry standard and the positive/ negative implications.

  • Advising on key messages against risks associated with the plastics debate to ensure credible communications.

  • Development of a comms strategy, including crisis messaging to pre-empt negative coverage from a BBC docu-series. 

edana logo.png

Details: As one of the largest NHS Charitable Trusts, the Guys & St Thomas' Charity is an impact grant funder. It wanted to review its funding strategy and shape its strategic direction for the future. 

Deep & Meaningful led the Bright Harbour team by:

  • Reviewing 40 diverse projects to identify common impact themes.

  • Conducting depth interviews with project leads to understand the nature of change that had been achieved, review the grant giving process and acertain the role and impact of the grant.

  • Mapping findings and thematic impact areas

  • Delivering a report of recommendations and observations for the funding strategy with a roadmap for the future.

Details: A global agriculture business that specialises in cocoa, coffee, edible nuts and spices, Olam fully understands the implications of issues like socio-economic development and climate change on its business, and future growth. It has a commitment to Re-Imagine Agriculture. 

Deep & Meaningful supported the Ketchum team by:

  • Developing areas for strategic integration of Olam's sustainability, social innovation and inclusion programmes in to the overall business.

  • Drafting thought leadership content using the business' activities around the world on topics like farmer nutrition programmes, disaster preparedness and climate change. 


Details: Thinking about the future and its presence in key industries as the world changes, Unilever has put sustainable thinking into the heart of its operations. 

Deep & Meaningful supported the Beautiful Corporation team by:

  • Participating in an ideation workshop on packaging sustainability and the future.

  • Assisting in the design, delivery and facilitation of an operating strategy session for the Laundry Care Team to test the design and development of a future product, its viability, scope, market differentiation and competitor analysis.

  • Analyse into the future of cities; Internet of Things, technology and design.

unilever logo.jpg

Details: A festival of the creative businesses that shape a sustainable future, Marketplace of the Future was the official closing of 2019 NYC Climate Week. 

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Providing advice on the objectives and impact of the event.

  • Providing strategic advice including on budget and programme management.

  • Providing advice on the communications strategy for promoting the event and the change that it seeks to inspire.

motf logo.jpeg

Details: A start-up dedicated to bottom-up reporting in complex, multifaceted supply chains to create sustainable impact, TrueFootprint wanted to develop a strategic narrative.

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Delivering a strategy workshop with the team to unpick:

    • the problem that it is seeking the address

    • the value proposition

  • Developing a business-case narrative that would resonate with key target sectors. 

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Details: Social Impact Scholars is dedicated to accelerating social change by combining training for undergraduate students at NYU Stern with real business sustainability challenges through consultancy projects. In order to ensure the engagements are beneficial to both students and businesses, SIS wanted to bring in consultancy expertise.

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Delivering training for students including videocasts.

  • Developing indicators to measure impact for both the students and businesses

  • Supporting student teams to enable learning and to ensure that the project aims and objectives are being met.

Details: Working to help young men thrive, seek out alternative and positive lifestyles and to believe in their own worth, The Ashiyana Foundation develops deep and transformational relationships, allowing them a voice and restoring their trust in society. 

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Transitioning from a volunteering project to a registered charity by developing a clear strategy: what it wants to achieve, why and how. 

  • Developing a clear budget with forecasts and income projections

  • Developing a corporate partnership offer to help with fundraising outreach 

  • Developing mechanisms to measure and demonstrate change and impact


Details: Working with textile weavers in Surindernagar, Gujarat, RWeaves was at an inflection point: what was its strategy for growth and scale?

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Reviewing the business financials to understand profit/ loss margins

  • Conducting a market and competitor mapping to understand business positioning and opportunities for differentiation

  • Assessing business resource capabilities and needs

  • Carrying out field interviews with artisans and their families to understand business socio-economic impact

  • Developing materials to articulate the social enterprise model and impact.

Details: An early stage tech enterprise, Arthan is focused on career planning and employability skills training for young people in rural India. As it developed its offer, the leadership team required support in developing and articulating its operational strategy to potential investors.

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Advising on the strategic direction of the organisation: problem it was seeking to solve, approach for differentiation etc.

  • Developed a Theory of Change roadmap.

  • Provided counsel on identifying impact indicators and measurement.

  • Advised on the development of investor presentations.

Details: Committed to being a purpose-led business, Vodafone was exploring one of the vertical areas identified as a priority for the business. 

Deep & Meaningful supported the Beautiful Corporation team by:

  • Leading the external review to verify assumptions made by the business:

    • global landscape mapping ​

    • peer review

    • expert consultation interviews

  • Facilitated ideation workshop with experts

  • Presentation of findings 

  • Development of recommendations for being a truly purpose-led business and next steps.

vodafone logo.jpg

Details: As part of its Brand Ambitions 2030, P&G is engaging brands across the business to meet sustainability ambitions and targets. The brands are seeking differentiation through their sustainability achievements with their consumers. 

Deep & Meaningful supported the Ketchum team by:

  • Reviewing brand sustainability activities to draw out key messages and points of consumer engagement.

  • Developing credible brand narratives in line with the sustainability ambitions and commitments for Surface Care (Flash/ Viakel), Hair Care (Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essence) particularly focused on plastics and packaging reduction strategies.


Details: A well established corporate foundation, SJPF has a new management team and wanted to create a strategy day that would inspire, motivate and bond the team with a clear strategic direction.

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Deep diving in to the motivations of the Foundation - what it wanted to achieve for the day and why.

  • Designing an away day that balanced the desire for bringing team members together personally with developing the strategic objectives of the organisation in a co-created way.

  • Delivering the one-day workshop in Bristol.

sjp foundation logo - Google Search 2018

Details: Danone wanted to build a programme of activity that contributed to changing behaviours and promoted positive decision making.

Deep & Meaningful supported the GoodBrand programme team by:

  • Reviewing on Early Year Nutrition  and to determine focus and efficacy

  • Carrying out a literature review to understand key areas of significance

  • Reviewing socio-demographic data trends in key markets

  • Mapping global organisation positioning on EYN activity and identifying partnership opportunities

  • Identifying key opinion leaders for stakeholder consultation.

Details: Wanting to develop a robust sustainability programme, Nestle Waters wanted a campaign founded on need and that did not replicate the efforts of others.

Deep & Meaningful supported the GoodBrand programme team by:

  • Reviewing the global water context:

    • literature review 

    • NGO positioning and developing potential partnership recommendations

    • Carrying out water risk and opportunities in key business markets

    • Competitor analysis 

    • Stakeholder interviews

  • Facilitation of client ideation workshop 


Details: Nespresso wanted to launch its sustainable business strategy to key opinion leaders, consumers and stakeholders through an integrated communications campaign.

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Audience mapping against the key pillars of the campaign and developing messaging

  • Writing the sustainable business report to launch the campaign

  • Advising and inputting on the brand strategy to ensure sustainability messages were maintained throughout.

Details: ABG has been working hard to implement and standardise an approach to sustainable business. The Group wanted to launch the strategy, showcase what has been achieved to date and engage stakeholders. It needed a compelling first Sustainable Business Report.

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Developing the report narrative and key messaging

  • Aggregating information and writing the Sustainable Business Report in collaboration with issue leads

  • Project managing delivery including leading liaising with the design and production agency and directing the visual identity of the Report.

  • Successfully delivering the 1st Group SBR.

Details: A private company operating in the trade-in, repurposing and resale of pre-owned mobile handsets, Redeem is responsible for campaigns like the multi-award winning, O2 Recycle. The business, though not obligated to produce an Annual Report & Accounts, wanted to present the business, its strategy and its operations in a compelling way to its different stakeholder groups.

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Developing articulations of the business strategy

  • Developing all content messaging and writing x2 Annual Reports

  • Project managing delivery including leading liaising with the design and production agency and advising on the visual identity of the Report.


Details: The World Bank is supporting the Croatian Government in developing a national development strategy.

Deep & Meaningful, in partnership with Aros Consulting, supported the client by:


  • Designing and delivering a workshop for senior members from across ministerial departments from the Croatian government to assist in the delivery of effective Working Groups (Sept 2018).


Details: A consultancy dedicated to effective social investment, TSIC after 10 years was reviewing its strategy and market position.

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Providing interim COO support to develop a business strategy in line with the management's vision for social investment

  • Reviewing the business market position against competitors

  • Developing an articulation of the strategy, redefined positioning and defined market opportunities

  • Advising on the brand refresh and development of visual identity


Details: Saath Sustainable Livelihoods and Incube Ventures (Gujarat, India) wanted to develop the Aashray social investment fund and enterprise incubator that would enable the poorest communities the opportunity to create sustainable livelihoods. To be effective and credible it needed to establish robust systems and processes from the outset.

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Integrating social impact objectives and indicators in to business plan templates 

  • Developing selection criteria for social ventures

  • Advising on the governance process for the investment committee decision-making. 

Details: Future Foundations delivers social leadership programmes for young people allowing them to develop the skills, competencies and confidence to drive social change in their schools, their communities and society as a whole. 

Deep & Meaningful supported the client by:

  • Delivering a workshop on Developing Strategies for Social Change at the flagship Global Social Leaders Summit, UK (Aug 2017)

  • Co-leading a three-day workshop training programme on social leadership using experiential learning, driving insights in to topics like the SDGs and microfinance and providing the opportunity to develop change initiatives to meet social needs. Mumbai, India (Dec 2017).  

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