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What we do.

We help you reimagine how to create regenerative and transformative change; for your organisation, the people you work with, the issues you fund, and for yourself. To think systemically and intentionally about your work, the change that you want to create and the way you show up.



Learning from inclusive business model thinking, design, systems and regenerative practices, we've taken the bits that we think are most helpful  and developed a deep & meaningful approach that cuts through the noise and gets to the heart of the change you want to create.


Love the problem: not the solution you think is right by combining creativity and intuition with rigour and critical analysis.


Collaborate & connect: keep people, their needs and opinions front of mind, bring them into the conversation.


​​Be curious: test, learn, iterate, question and test again.


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Creating systemic change, whether in your organisation or in co-creation and collaboration is hard. We help you bring the right people together in the right way; intentionally curated and consciously held.



Whether redesigning a funding strategy, inclusive operating models or wanting to create lasting regenerative practices for what you do and how you do it, we can support bringing your vision to life. 

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Sometimes all you need is for someone to give it to you straight. From one-off sense-checking to ongoing engagement (usually once a month for a minimum of six months), we can be a no-nonsense support.

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Every year we identify one Labour of Love partner. This could be a cause that we care deeply about or an individual that we believe in and we provide consultancy services that they would like, but don't necessarily have the funds for. We provide support, counsel and plenty of challenge to help them achieve the most for their organisations, just like any other client, but with the spirit of the gift economy and a strong belief in paying it forward.

If you think your organisation could do with some love, then
get in touch and let's see what we can do. 

Past Labour of Love clients have been: Arthan, Tarkeybein/ Know your Star, the Ashiyana Foundation, Force of Nature, The Industree Foundation.

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