Experience & partners.

We seek out people who want to consciously create a better world. Across issues, markets and sectors we find new ways of looking at old challenges by bringing together learnings from far flung places and very different experiences.


From start-ups and seedlings to conglomerates and multinationals, investors and advisors, our work thrives on considered counsel and will, from the outset, aim to push you to think from different perspectives and achieve that little bit more.


We work best when we're with people who inspire us, challenge us and encourage us to do and be more. We can bring together experts, great minds and creative spirits to make sure you have exactly the right counsel that you need.

We're united in our commitment to do the best work that we can combined with our drive to create lasting positive socio-economic and environmental change. Some call them "associates",

we call them our Tribe.



Every year we identify one Labour of Love partner. This may be a cause that we care deeply about or an individual that we believe in and we provide consultancy services that they would like, but don't necessarily have the funds for. We provide support, counsel and plenty of challenge to help them achieve the most for their organisations, just like any other client, but with the spirit of the gift economy. If you think your organisation could do with some love, then get in touch and let's see what we can do. 

Past Labour of Love clients have been: Arthan, Tarkeybein/ Know your Star, the Ashiyana Foundation.

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