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Who we work with.

We seek out people who want to consciously create a better world. Across issues, markets and sectors we find new ways of looking at old challenges by bringing together learnings from far flung places and working with people with very different experiences.


Deepa was chosen to host and facilitate our workshop with expert panellists on agricultural sustainability.  She went out of her way to invest time and effort in getting to know our ask, the panellists and was instrumental in shaping the agenda for the day.  Through this process, it became clear how well Deepa is fully-versed with the themes of sustainability.  Her knowledge of the subject matter definitely played a role in asking probing questions of the panellists.  Her meticulous attention to detail, matched with her ability to read the situation and adapt accordingly, were very evident on the day and played a large part in ensuring everything ran smoothly.  The workshop was a success, both in terms of its outcome, but also the experience for all attendees. 


I would not hesitate to recommend Deepa for organising, facilitating or chairing any workshop, panel or event, no matter how complex.  I am sure we will be relying on Deepa for other similar events in the future.


Innocent Drinks

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Every year we identify one Labour of Love partner. This could be a cause that we care deeply about or an individual that we believe in and we provide consultancy services that they would like, but don't necessarily have the funds for. We provide support, counsel and plenty of challenge to help them achieve the most for their organisations, just like any other client, but with the spirit of the gift economy and a strong belief in paying it forward. If you think your organisation could do with some love, then get in touch and let's see what we can do. 

Past Labour of Love clients have been: Arthan, Tarkeybein/ Know your Star, the Ashiyana Foundation, Force of Nature, The Industree Foundation.

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