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How we do it.

How we work is tailored to your needs and the extent of your ambition; from retainers and sustained counsel, coming in for an interim role to get you up and running, to meeting a specific brief or coaching you through a problem-solving process as a critical friend. More often than not, we start with helping you to think through what you really want and what you need to get there. 

Conscious of the need to redress structural biases, we offer discounted rates and pricing models for organisations and leaders from global majority countries.


Our Magic Principles.



HONESTY: we are on your side, we believe in what you want to achieve.  Because of that, we won't mince our words. Your work is too important. 


CURIOSITY: natural askers of many questions, we want to deeply understand you, your challenges and your dreams. Then we imagine the unimaginable with you.

KINDNESS: it's not too much to ask and it makes the world a better place. It's how we show up for you.

The Way we Work.

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Consciously Intentional. Intentionally Conscious.

We draw inspiration from collaborative systems change, design principles, regenerative and restorative practices. It also comes from years of getting stuff done working with social entrepreneurs, multinationals, governments and activists from around the world.


We balance an understanding of the need to move quickly because the demands are so great, with the power of stopping and reflecting to deeply understand the systems and interdependencies of the ways we work. We facilitate ideation and strategy processes to get to solid outcomes but start with spending time to understand each other, our stories and our intentions so that our actions can be truly aligned.

Our Clients.

Some of the great organisations that we've worked with as us, and in partnership with others.

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