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How we do it.


How we work with you is tailored to your needs and the extent of your ambition; from retainers and sustained counsel, coming in for an interim role to get you up and running, to meeting a specific project brief or coaching you through a problem-solving process as a critical friend. 


We work with you to figure out the best approach for you.

We're also happy to come in and support you in the counsel that you provide your clients, working under your banner. We have ongoing relationships with storytelling, research and design consultancies who need our depth of understanding or way of working for a fixed-term project, want to provide clients with specialist expertise through secondments or just need a sounding board. Let us know how we can support and deepen your client offer.


Using our experience and learnings from inclusive business models, design, systems and regenerative thinking, we've taken the bits that we think are most helpful from traditional and new types of consuting and developed a deep & meaningful approach that cuts through the noise and gets to the heart of the change you want to create.


Love the problem: not the solution you think is right by combining creativity and intuition with rigour and critical analysis.



Collaborate & connect: keep people, their needs and opinions front of mind, bring them into the conversation.

​​Be curious: test, learn, iterate, question and test again.


In practice, approaches are designed to your needs, influenced by who you are, what you're trying to achieve and where you're at. Rather than linear stages, these are more emergent and evolving processes that are intended to challenge and question. What they bring up is crucial so that whatever the change you're trying to create, we set you up for the best possible results.


Dive into the problem that you think you want to solve: Will you unconsciously perpetuate it or create another problem?


Question & Challenge: Are you a plaster or a fixer? Why is disruption needed? Who benefits from the status quo?


Test with the people who matter.


Ideate the solution: What are the intended and unintended consequences?

Test, learn, Redesign: Where do the sweet spots for change exist?

Create an evolving rather than static plan: Where will externalities and influences show up?


Test small: Where will you need to edit/ tailor to market or cultural needs?


Roll-out with an inquisitive eye: What works? What doesn't?


Learn; is it relevant? Is it creating the desired change? What are the unintended impacts? Did you really understand the problem?


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