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Our story.

For over 20 years, Deepa has dedicated her life to working with those committed to social justice, who want to create meaningful change in the world and want to do things differently.


She's enjoyed senior roles at global sustainability and communications agencies, international development organisations and most recently was COO for Catalyst 2030, a global network of social entrepreneurs and their allies working on collaborative systems change.​ Her experience has taken her from briefing UK and Foreign Ministers on human rights issues (in English and Spanish) at the age of 22, working with CSOs and CEOs of global companies on sustainability strategies, to now collaborating with and facilitating collaborations amongst some of the most inspiring changemakers in the world. It's a privilege she doesn't take lightly.
She's always been naturally curious about looking at why things are the way they are, the whole system, joining the dots and the interconnections and bringing these together to ask better questions and have a much more integrated approach to bringing people together and finding solutions. She thrives when working with people who want to create the businesses, organisations and movements of the future. 

Born in London, the daughter of migrants whose story spanned from India to Kenya to the UK (via Hong Kong) as a result of Empire, she's always considered herself a global citizen. A desire to understand her own context led her to work and live in India, helping set up a social investment fund focused on sustainable livelihoods and enterprise formation. She's mentored and worked with social ventures across the country. Coupled with her time at university in Spain, and then a Masters in Comparative Politics (Latin America) she is a speaker of both Hindi & Spanish which she likes to break into all the time. Her love for these cultures and their community-centric approaches unsurprisingly underpins her belief in interconnection and collaborative solutions to the socio-economic and environmental challenges we face.


To balance out all the thinking Deepa likes to get creative and recent interests include life drawing, photography and visible mending. Additional food for the soul comes through her practice in ayurveda, yoga and meditation. 

Committed to doing the best for clients, she's known to be demanding but Deepa's also been called a friend by people she's worked with and a fixer of problems. If it involves a G&T or a chai along the way, so much the better.

Deepa Mirchandani Tate April 2023©Vipul Sangoi 1703 copy_0002_Layer 1 copy_edited.jpg

Deep & Meaningful was founded by Deepa Mirchandani


Founding Trustee, Initiative Earth

Board Member, Aakash Odedra Company

Ethics Committee Member, Catalyst 2030


Published paper: How social enterprise is creating a vital, and necessary market in India. (Spanish: Temas Journal, January 2018)

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Uncertainty Experts (2024)

Roots to Resilience (Work that Reconnects) (2024)

Regenerative Agriculture & Systems, Terra Viva (2022)

Regenerative Leadership, Regenerators Academy (2020)

Inclusive Business & Value Creation, HEC Paris (2016)

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