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Whether in a European "Salon", or in an Indian "Adda", the tradition to come together and unpick the issues of the day is an old one. But the reality is that in our modern world, it's not done well enough. There's little reflection or even openness to not have all the answers and the issues are interconnected and messy. This needs to change.


We have launched the Adda as a direct response to the sheer levels of noise that the disruption of COVID-19 has brought globally. 2020 has been a year to reflect and we've seen the need to create safe spaces, somewhere to share ideas, critique constructively and to have inclusive conversations about uncomfortable, interconnected and messy topics. Only then can we tackle the challenges that we face, and do it collaboratively.

It's about being part of a conversation, not sitting on the sidelines.


Small so that we can share & learn intimately - this isn't a numbers game, it's about the depth of the experience.


Curious about the things we don't / won't talk about - no question is too big or small and no reflection is wrong or right.


Participatory it only works if we're ready to show up - vulnerabilities, uncertainties and all.

Inclusive of perspectives, experiences, race, identities and lived realities - we're done with binary views and representations.

To be deep & meaningful is about being consciously considered and showing up with conviction which is why all our Addas will be..

Our first gathering

23 September

1 - 2.30pm (GMT)

Racial Trauma:

Its legacy & how we overcome it.

Join us for a conversation with the incredible Joshua Isaac Smith to look at how hundreds of years of supression has impacted the physical, emotional and mental trauma that's been the conditioning of the Black Community in the USA, and for Black men in particular.


We'll explore:

  1. Intersectionality and race more broadly and why the Black experience is a unique one.

  2. What we mean by racial trauma and why's it relevant in the design of our society and systems, now more than ever.

  3. The healing process and what's needed to change ourselves, our organisations, our systems.

Click on his name to get the LinkedIn schpiel, but know that Joshua is an exceptional trauma therapist and behavioural specialist focusing on neuroscience-informed approaches to mindfulness, leadership and resilience. He's spent years examining trauma in the context of African American men.

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