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Whether in a European "Salon", or in an Indian "Adda", the tradition to come together and unpick the issues of the day is an old one. But the reality is that in our modern world, it's not done well enough. There's little reflection or even openness to not have all the answers and the issues are interconnected and messy. This needs to change.


We have launched the Adda as a direct response to the sheer levels of noise that the disruption of COVID-19 has brought globally. 2020 has been a year to reflect and we've seen the need to create safe spaces, somewhere to share ideas, critique constructively and to have inclusive conversations about uncomfortable, interconnected and messy topics. Only then can we tackle the challenges that we face, and do it collaboratively.

It's about being part of a conversation, not sitting on the sidelines.


Small so that we can share & learn intimately - this isn't a numbers game, it's about the depth of the experience.


Curious about the things we don't / won't talk about - no question is too big or small and no reflection is wrong or right.


Participatory it only works if we're ready to show up - vulnerabilities, uncertainties and all.

Inclusive of perspectives, experiences, race, identities and lived realities - we're done with binary views and representations.

To be deep & meaningful is about being consciously considered and showing up with conviction which is why all our Addas will be..


Evolving our ethics of care in changemaking

24 November, 1-2.30pm (GMT)

Ethical, careful, caring social change work is hard at the best of times, and 2020 definitely isn’t the best of times. In conversation with Caitlin Connors, we'll explore what she's been seeing emerge from change-makers across research, design, social innovation and systems thinking.


We'll explore some of the questions that have been coming up:


I care about the work I do, the team I lead, and the people and publics I work with; how can I make sure they are supported in this hard year - when I’m sometimes struggling myself? I feel like we need more human leadership in our organisations, in our systems, in how we engage with everyday people in our social change work - but how am I supposed to figure out what that looks like when steeped in old models? Is it really safe to try new ways of doing things when the stakes are so high? How human is too human? 


Many are holding the tensions embedded in these questions quietly, individually - alone.  It’s time to talk together, share stories and ideas, and work through the discomfort that’s keeping us from trying new things and finding new paths.

Deconstructing media bias: calling out the colonial

8 December, 1-2.30pm (GMT)

Our mainstream media landscape has faced obvious disruption in recent years with digital platforms and streaming vying for audience attention. But with all that innovation, the rhetoric remains old. The language used, the portrayal of difference, the misleading biases and the underlying colonial gaze still defines the narratives used, both in print and visual representations.  Find out what can and should be done with travel, lifestyle and culture journalist Meera Dattani.


We’ll explore: 


  1. What can be done to call out biases and increase representative voices in the mainstream media and why it’s important

  2. How we can move away from tokenism to the normalisation of a considered and nuanced lens when it comes to voices and visions of the authors and subjects of storytelling. 

  3.  What it means to move beyond D&I to achieve a considered construction of our media outlets. 


racial trauma with joshua isaac smith

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the economics of neighbourhoods with Sid Sthalekar

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