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Deep & meaningful conversations.

To take informed action we have to have better conversations. To do that, we have to be exposed to different ways of thinking. Here we share the things that we've watched, listened to or read, and the organisations that are inspiring us. We also share our reflections.


Regenerative Communities Network: Promoting connectivity through a network commited to building regenerative systems.

EcoResolution: inspiring community builders who are redefining who we are and how we engage with each other and the world.

Sacred Capital: very bright folks redefining what the new economy can look like.


I've just finished Grime MC Stormzy's story RiseUp for this month's Rebel Book Club - what an incredible read, packed full of courage, faith, never forgetting where you come from and ambition to strive for nothing but excellence in everything you do. I can't recommend it enough but be warned, you'll end up watching a lot of music videos on YouTube...

Next up, Bazaars, Conversations and Freedom: For a Market Culture Beyond Greed and Fear by the phenomenal Rajni Bakshi.

Watch & listen

I'm currently watching Rotten, a docuseries by NETFLIX that looks at one commodity at a time and exposes the corruption and complexity of our agricultural systems. Though depressing at times, it's also making me think of the solutions! 

If you've not been tuning in already, Awake at Night is the podcast from UNHCR. Each episode shares the experiences of those on the ground in conflict-riddled nations, doing their best to help​. Heartbreaking often, it also gives you hope that there are people out there who care deeply that we don't lose our humanity.

Be part of  better conversations

We've launched the DMC Adda! It's hard to find spaces for nuanced conversations, genuine & inclusive dialogue, so we've created our own. "Adda" is the hindi word for the place where people come together to hash out the issues of the day..come and hash out the messy subjects with us! There are no silly questions and we pride ourselves on not having all the answers but we definitely have a belief in the safe spaces needed to try and figure them out.

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