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Organisations to check out

Regenerative Communities Network: Promoting connectivity through a network commited to building regenerative systems.

EcoResolution: inspiring community builders who are redefining who we are and how we engage with each other and the world.

Sacred Capital: very bright folks redefining what the new economy can look like.

Things to read

I've just finished Grime MC Stormzy's story RiseUp for this month's Rebel Book Club - what an incredible read, packed full of courage, faith, never forgetting where you come from and ambition to strive nothing but excellence in everything you do. I can't recommend it enough but be warned, you'll end up watching a lot of music videos on YouTube...

Things to watch & listen to

I'm currently watching Rotten, a docuseries by NETFLIX that looks at one commodity at a time and exposes the corruption and complexity of our agricultural systems. Though depressing at times, it's also making me think of the solutions! 

If you've not been tuning in already, Awake at Night is the podcast from UNHCR. Each episode shares the experiences of those on the ground in conflict-riddled nations, doing their best to help​. Heartbreaking often, it also gives you hope that there are people out there who care deeply that we don't lose our humanity.

Things to (re)tweet

9 Jul 2020

The power of collective thinking is at its very best when you can call on people who are all grappling with the same challenges to share what you’ve seen, learnt and failed at. This is particularly true of a network of incredible designers, systems thinkers, strategists, researchers and communicators. We all des...

11 Apr 2020

The title of this has so many jargon-riddled words it has the potential to make your head spin. It's why I opened the session that I moderated (on behalf of Catalyst 2030), with the same title at the 2020 Virtual Skoll Forum, with some basic definitions!

Innovative Finance is essentially the bringing together of...

1 Jan 2020

As a "Beautiful Ambassador" for Beautiful Corporations, I get to work with incredible minds across design, product innovation, climate change, peace keeping, organisational development and lots more. They are all deeply committed to creating a better, more effective and sustainable world and believe in the cruci...

23 Sep 2019

In the run up to the UN Climate Action Summit that kicks off today, I’ve heard artists, chefs, journalists, politicians, film makers, lawyers, musicians, academics and change agents all speak about what needs to be done to reduce and (for the more radical), reverse the impact that we’re having on the planet. Thi...

17 Jul 2019

I’m surrounded by people who are “doers”. People who care about the state of the world; whether that’s rural education in India, farming practices in Africa, climate change and circularity or the way that businesses conduct themselves across complex supply chains, they all imagine a better and different way of b...

14 Jun 2019

What will it take to tackle the climate crisis and how do we muster hope and optimism in the process? 

This great podcast by veteran doers and thinkers Christiana Figueres and Paul Dickinson seeks out the views of a mixed bag of people, from Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough and Jane Goodall to Ellie Golding. 


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