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For the ambitious who want to create systemic & regenerative socio-economic & environmental change. 

Deep & Meaningful is about a mindset and a belief. It's about being self critical, striving for something that is ambitious and that has the audacity to imagine a different way of working. It's not evangelical, but about having a creative and practical response to the challenges we see around us and the capacity to do something about them. 

The solutions that we design and the teams that we assemble are guided by this. We do it with kindness, intentionality and consciousness and lots of fun.






For over 20 years, Deepa has dedicated herself to working with organisations that are committed to social justice, want to create meaningful change in the world and want to do things differently.

She founded Deep & Meaningful to bring together her business insights and socio-economic and environmental experience to help those that want to create lasting change, do it better.

Deepa Mirchandani Tate April 2023©Vipul Sangoi 1703 copy_0002_Layer 1 copy_edited.jpg

Deep & Meaningful

was founded by

Deepa Mirchandani

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