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​Skoll Foundation: for all things entrepreneurial and social purpose-driven.

ServiceSpace: an inspiring community that is driven by acts of kindness and the power of service as a way of redefining who we are and how we engage with each other and the world

Sacred Capital: very bright folks redefining what the new economy can look like.

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I'm currently watching Rotten, a docuseries by NETFLIX that looks at one commodity at a time and exposes the corruption and complexity of our agricultural systems. Though depressing at times, it's also making me think of the solutions! 

If you've not been tuning in already, Awake at Night is the podcast from UNHCR. Each episode shares the experiences of those on the ground in conflict-riddled nations, doing their best to help​. Heartbreaking often, it also gives you hope that there are people out there who care deeply that we don't lose our humanity.

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2 Jun 2016

Drawing on the experience from the Skoll Foundation, Getting Beyond Better examines the successes and challenges that social entrepreneurs have faced and sheds light on the different characteristics that enables them to make lasting change. The four paths to transformation it identifies are: 

  1. Understanding th...

2 May 2016

Where else can you cover the tribulations of the British Asian identity; the truth behind the Karmasutra; transgender discrimination; reporting India from a foreign correspondent’s perspective and question the relationship between photography and democracy? And these were just the sessions I went to. Though cond...

2 Apr 2016

What differentiates a social entrepreneur from the average entrepreneur? Fierce Compassion according to this year’s Skoll World Forum. The ability to (fiercely) refuse and resist crisis combined with a compassion towards those that feel the consequences of issues such as climate change and don’t hold responsibil...

16 Mar 2016

With over 65 per cent of the population under 35 and close to a staggering 100,000 entering the job market every month, India is a young and dynamic nation. The formal sector isn’t equipped to deal with such a flow of young talent, which begs the question – what opportunities are there for the young and aspiring...

7 Oct 2015

According to the latest (and most comprehensive) survey from Social Enterprise UK, there are now close to 70,000 social businesses in the UK, contributing a significant £24 billion to the national economy and employing close to one million people. The findings show that not only are social enterprises outperform...

1 Jun 2014

The days of “sustainability” being about environmental or social issues management are over. We now know that those that want to be around in 5, 10, 50 or 100 years’ time, have to think about both the financial and non-financial health and impacts of the business and that these need to be managed in a responsibl...

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