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What we do.

We help you reimagine how to create change; for your organisation, the people you work with, the issues you fund, and for yourself. To think systemically and intentionally about your work and the way that you show up - the good and the unintended. It can mean having uncomfortable conversations, unpicking and interrogating operating models that don't serve your intentions and finding new ways of doing things that best reflect what you're really about. Best of all, we're really good at helping you step back and join the dots to create an ecosystem approach that's inclusive, considered and effective.

Our Offerings.


Marrying your ambition with a game plan that's simultaneously intentional, is designed to challenge dominant culture systems and helps more than it harms, is complicated. Whether setting up a new organisation, redesigning a strategy, designing an inclusive operating model or integrating regenerative practices, we support bringing your vision to life. 


Creating systemic change, whether within your organisation or in co-creation and collaboration with multiple stakeholders is a tricky business.  Especially across sectors, languages and cultures. We help you bring the right people together; intentionally curated and consciously held so that there's aligned action for creating meaningful transformation.


Dedicating yourself to the messiness of the world is hard; sometimes all you need is for someone to give it to you straight, sometimes you need a safe place where you can be vulnerable and share your concerns with no judgement. We support leaders to show up with their whole selves by providing tailored 1:1 spaces for reflection and growth.

Andy George, VAULT Creative Arts

"Working with Deepa has been transformational for both me and my business.


From the very start, I felt extremely comfortable with Deepa; after our first session I already felt like I'd known her for years! This comfort was crucial for me to be able to speak openly and share the challenges and tribulations of running a business with someone who not only gets it, but is able to prod, coach, and guide in a invigorating, provoking and enriching way.


Throughout our time, I've felt complete peace of mind that I was working with an absolute professional who is not only at the top of their game, but is leading the field. Deepa's ability to combine expertise and professionalism, with compassion, and creativity is second to none and I can't thank her enough for her work and guidance during a pivotal and crucial period for us." 

For people who are looking for more one-off guidance and sense-checking on a specific topic, we offer a tailored Insights Challenger Session. This is time and pricing bound and helps to accelerate your work in a considered way.

Compact Offers.

For people looking for one-off guidance and sense-checking on a specific topic, we offer tailored Insights Challenger Sessions. This is time-bound and helps to accelerate your work in a considered way.

Vintage Camera

Insights Challenger Sessions.

Sometimes you just want to know you're on the right track with a business or operating plan, want to test an impact framework, need an ideation partner or want feedback on an MVP. Our Insights Challenge Sessions are for you.


Over 4.5 hours, we'll help your ideas come to life, work through any blocks and set you up for success. 


1. Getting to know you: You'll share where you are at; background documents/ business plans/ scribbles on the back of a serviette, for us to review. You'll also complete a "Getting to Know You" questionnaire that'll shed light on your known/ unknowns.


2. Co-creation: We'll talk through what's come up, ideate together on areas that need some care and attention.

3. Deep Dive: A tailored 90 minute session getting into the nuts and bolts of your work.

4. Counsel: We'll take the outcomes, actions and thinking from our session and provide you with a comprehensive next steps framework. This may include recommending resources for you to check out, reflection questions, people for you to connect with and proposed timelines to guide you forward.

5. Support: We know that there are always lightbulb moments that come once things have had a chance to settle. We'll check-in on how you're getting on and work through the snags with you.

Our 1:1 Critical Friend work is guided by years of mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs and change makers around the world. All sessions are online.

Wood Pencil and Notebook
1:1 Critical Friend.

Sometimes you need a sounding board outside of your organisation and a space to collect your thoughts, think through what you really want and sit in the uncertainties and enormity of your work. Sometimes it's about guidance to help think through a strategic challenge.

With 12 hours over 6 months, we'll create a supportive space.

1:1 Critical Friend.


1. Understanding you: We'll talk through where you're at and unpick how much that resonates with what you need. This will determine whether we have one x2 hour session or two x1 hour sessions per month. We'll review this as time goes on.

2. Clear pathway: We'll spend time setting our mutual intentions, understanding how we like to communicate, what makes us tick and what our expectations are. We will renew this agreement mid-way through our process.


3. A holistic approach: We like things like journalling, intentional walking, deep observation and time in nature just as much as KPIs and operational strategies. We will support you to be regenerative in how you work.

4. Honesty: We've called this being a "Critical Friend" for a reason. We're on your side and so we'll always give it to you straight. 

5. Iterative: We'll check-in on how we can adapt to what's emerging for you.

For people who are looking for more one-off guidance and sense-checking on a specific topic, we offer a tailored Insights Challenger Session. This is time and pricing bound and helps to accelerate your work in a considered way.

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